Bringing web-ideas to life


Jahmoon, based in New York City, provides affordable Website solutions to schools using a customized Content Management System (CMS).

Our school websites are dynamic and address all the requirements of a modern school, they become a vital part of your school communications.  Parents and students will return frequently to see what is happening at school, what events are planned, what the children are having for lunch, read the weekly newsletter and much more.

The days where a static website would suffice have literally been condemned to the history books.


A modern school website provides a wealth of information to the parents, pupils, teachers, district officers and prospective parents. Be it Newsletters, Course Notes, Reports, Curriculum, Policies & Procedures, Uniform List, Minutes of Meetings, PTA Reports, etc. they can all be published on the website and naturally if so desired access can be restricted to the correct group of people.


So what is included in our standard school package?

  • Email Newsletter
  • Events Calendar
  • Document Manager
  • File Repository
  • Photo Gallery


We do all the work by building your initial website for you and then train you and your staff how to maintain and update it.

So what's next?

Give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss how to bring your school's website live.

Call us at (646) 717-0948.